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Managed Internet


MultiMeg offers more than Internet connectivity; we offer managed and monitored connectivity in a variety of configurations to meet every business need. Each MultiMeg service commitment comes with:

  • Provisioning, installation, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance
  • IP address allocation and management including static IPs and BGP4 configuration
  • Live and Local tech support
  • Engineering support
  • Monitoring and monthly reporting
  • Router support and WAN maintenance

MultiMeg takes responsibility for delivering a secure and stable Internet connection and we back our efforts with a Service Level Guarantee (SLA). Our clients are assured of high availability, low latency, and low packet loss.

MultiMeg networks are more secure than Teleco T1s. Our wireless networks are not Wi-Fi, they are proprietary, encrypted, point-to-point circuits, locked into communicating only between your site and MultiMeg. Snooping or eavesdropping just aren't possible. (Q&A).

Learn more about MultiMeg Wireless Internet Security.

MultiMeg offers its fully managed service of T1 equivalents up through 40 Mbps at prices that are substantially below what you have come to expect. Check us out, we offer more for less!

   Service Plans   
   View all MultiMeg managed Internet service plans. No term commitments!   
   Wireless Loops   

WiMax not WiFi! Secure and stable point-to-point microwave circuits. Prices start at just $59.95. Learn more

   Wireless Internet Security   
   MultiMeg wireless links provide an almost impenetrable level of security. Learn more   
   Fail-Safe Internet   
   Load balanced multi-path Internet for increased bandwidth and fail-safe operations. Learn more   
   Metro Ethernet   
   Downtown Tacoma core optical wired ethernet service, from 3 to 40 Mbps. Learn more   

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