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Business VOIP Features

The flexibility of MultiMeg IPPBX means you can pick the features you need, and set aside those you don't. Every MultiMeg IP Telecommunications package includes all the features in Feature Group A, and optional Advanced Features — such as Hunt Groups, Outlook Integration, and Spare Numbers — are available as well.

Feature Group A

Free In-Network Calling Calls within your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network are free. You can add branch offices or remote employees to your network easily, making a distributed workforce cost effective. Communicate with your sales office in Mexico — it's free.

Free Calling In Western Washington With the $28.95 Regional Plan, all calls to Seattle, Bellingham, Olympia, or Forks are free — in fact almost all of Western Washington is a free calling area. (See map.)

Voice Mail Each phone has its own Voice Mail box, which employees can personalize from any phone, anywhere.

Unified Messaging One of the most powerful and useful features of IPPBX: retrieve messages from your desk phone, your mobile phone, or through email. Forward Voice Mails to other parties to get your clients to the best contact.

Follow-Me Transfers You have the option to route calls to your office phone, home phone, or cell phone simultaneously. Whichever location picks up gets the call.

Geographic Mobility Free your company's telephone presence from brick-and-mortar limitations. Now your phone system goes where your employees are, transparently. Directory features, transfers, Voice Mail, and extensions all work as if everyone were under one roof — even if they're all over the Northwest, or all over the world.

Direct Inward Dial (Personal Line) Route calls directly to an extension, with no need to go through the auto-attendant or listen to a greeting.

Call Hold Put a call on hold.

Caller ID The same familiar features you know from traditional voice service.

Call Transfer Transfer an existing call to another party, and whether you transfer to a local work station or a branch office in Portland (or Hong Kong), it's free.

Three-Way Conferencing Bring another person into an existing conversation for an instant three-way conference call.

Advanced Features Need even more flexibility and power? See which Advanced Feature Options are right for your business.

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