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Service Level Agreement

Network Availability
MultiMeg guarantees 99.9% network availability (annualized method). If MultiMeg determines that its network is unavailable for one (1) or more hours during any calendar month, the Client will, upon request, receive a credit to the following month's invoice prorated at one (1) day of the service fee for each cumulative hour of unavailability, up to a maximum credit of seven (7) days per month.

Committed Information Rate
MultiMeg's wireless and wired managed Internet solutions are engineered to provide full committed information rate (CIR) throughput. Clients are guaranteed their CIR to be available 95% of the time, averaged over a calendar month. Throughput is measured across the MultMmeg network, using benchmark downloads from the MultiMeg test server to the Client site. Our test server is located in our central office in Tacoma, and is housed in the same space as the uplink from MultiMeg to the Internet.

Network Latency
MultiMeg guarantees 50ms or better ping times between the Client's MultiMeg uplink router and MultiMeg's test server (see above for details), or the first hop of any Tier 1 IP network. Should MultiMeg fail to meet its network latency guarantee, the Client will, upon request, receive a credit to the following month's invoice equal to prorated charges of one (1) day of bandwidth service for each day the latency guarantee was not met, up to a maximum credit of seven (7) days per month.

Packet Loss
MultiMeg guarantees less than 1% packet loss, averaged over a calendar month, for all network traffic between the Client's uplink router and the MultiMeg test servers (see above for details). If packet loss exceeds 1% over a calendar month, MultiMeg will, upon request, credit the Client's next monthly invoice the prorated equivalent of one (1) day of bandwidth service.

MultiMeg Network Boundaries
Network availability applies within the boundaries of the network physically controlled or directly administered by MultiMeg. MultiMeg does not guarantee availability of systems or networks beyond its control.

Maintenance Windows
MultiMeg reserves regularly scheduled maintenance windows between 12 AM Pacific Time and 3 AM Pacific Time. Outages or degraded performance as a result of maintenance during these windows are not counted against network availability. MultiMeg will make all commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Client with prior notification of all scheduled and emergency maintenance procedures, and to schedule such procedures within the customer's defined maintenance windows.

Access to Equipment
The Client grants MultiMeg personnel and MultiMeg sub-contractors reasonable access to the Client's premises in order to install, service, repair, or remove MultiMeg-owned equipment or equipment under a management contract serviced by MultiMeg. MultiMeg is not responsible for loss of network availability during periods in which access to Client premises is unavailable.

Investigation of Service Interruptions
MultiMeg will investigate any reported service interruptions at the Client's request, and will attempt to restore service as soon as possible. If the cause of the interruption is not found within MultiMeg's equipment, facilities, and systems, MultiMeg can continue to investigate at the Client's request and expense. Labor and materials costs will be billed to the Client at the usual and customary rates. In the event of a complete outage, MultiMeg will make all commercially reasonable efforts to restore service to working condition within 4 hours of a trouble ticket being filed.

Force Majeure
MultiMeg assumes no liability for loss of network availability, or delay or failure to meet any of its obligations under this service agreement by reason of Force Majeure, including war, electrical storm, electrical and other utility failures, strikes, labor actions, insurrection, terrorism, and such other occurrences that not reasonably foreseeable and are beyond MultiMeg's ability to control.


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