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MultiMeg business-grade Internet Voice Service (VoIP) is a hosted Internet PBX solution (IPPBX), provided as a value-added service through our reseller relationships with Broadvox. Our IPPBX solution gives employees access to inbound, outbound, and missed call logs to provide faster and more efficient customer service. The browser-based interface allows staffers to click-to-call or return a missed call directly from the call logs, saving them significant time looking up client phone numbers. Staff members can set up individualized call treatments and availability options so that calls from top customers get through to wherever the employees might be, while less important calls are routed to Voice Mail. Your employees each have a DID Number (Personal Line) that routes directly to their phone; from there it can be forwarded to any number of other locations (Find Me, Follow Me), and if the call is not answered it is directed to a single Voice Mail Box that can be accessed from anywhere, including via email (Unified Messaging). A Hosted PBX offers significantly reduced monthly expenses, dramatically increased productivity, and most importantly, it enables better customer service.

Keep Overhead Low Traditional PBX systems are expensive and complex, but with MultiMeg IPPBX, there is no hardware to maintain and no software to install; there are no licenses to keep track of, and no upgrades to apply. Take away that administrative overhead and you are left with substantial cost reductions. IPPBX administration is transparent and hassle-free — just like communication should be.

Sound Like You Mean Business Present a professional telephone presence to your customers, with an automated attendant to receive and direct calls and quality on-hold music.

Go Anywhere, Take Customers With You When the Internet is your voice network, you are not tied down by wires. Route inbound calls to anywhere with Internet access. Employees can work from the office, from work sites, from home, or on the road, roaming transparently within your voice network.

Eliminate Growing Pains With hosted IPPBX services, you can start as small as you want, minimizing capital expenditures. Then, when you are ready to grow, your communications network will grow with you, seamlessly building on your existing setup.

   Business VOIP Features   
   Many more features than Qwest Centrex, including Personal Voice Mail and Auto Attendant. Learn more   
   Service Plans   
   Starting at just $28.95 a month plus long distance at only 2.5 cents per miniute. Learn more   
   Legacy PBX   
   Generate significant savings by using VOIP to compliment your legacy phone service. Learn more   
   Save 20 to 40%   
   Reduce your monthly voice service by 20 to 40% while getting more business features. Calculate your savings   

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